Finding the best tea in town

It had to come down inevitably to this. Your habit of consuming tea will only bring good tidings to health and a time will come when you will look forward to using it as a medicine, a remedy to your health challenges. The tea will let you have a lot of benefits. As discussed, tea comes in many types. Some are used as medicines while others just for taste. Interestingly, tea in every form offers benefits to the consumers which is something you will not find associated with other drinks. In UAE, the Matcha tea is used as a drink as well as medicine. For those of you wondering if drinking tea brings benefits of hazards, they need to calm down knowing that the tea only brings benefits. Green tea is perhaps more commonly associated with health benefits but there is more to it. Physicians consider this type of tea nothing short of a miracle and urge tea lovers to drink it as often as they can. Some experts suggest at least one cup of the tea a day will help improve your metabolism and blood pressure. Not only this, but some will also protect you from common diseases. They may not prevent them, but will certainly reduce the overall effects on your body. Patients of diabetics, heart diseases and even cancer have shown considerable improvements by consuming green tea over a longer period of time.


Two or more?

So, how many cups of tea will suffice you? The first thing you should do is consult with your physician. Listen to them and mark the amount of cups they recommend. There are those who will recommend at least three cups and some may go as high as five but that depends on how frequently you like to drink it. Also, you need to take great care while choosing the type of tea to drink. There are several different types available in the market and choosing one for your needs will help you a lot. Keep drinking it until you start feeling the benefits.


Green tea offers more benefits compared to other types but that depends. In China, more than fifty types are regularly used to attain health benefits. The more you drink, the more benefits you reap but one has to practice caution too. Ask the expert on how to drink it and what to do to get more benefits out of your Rooibos tea Dubai.